Tuesday, July 14, 2009

calendars and pocket books

dear hendrick,
i'm still looking for a job. i've interviewed for the only job that's responded (of countless i've applied for), and they never got back to me. i have temporary work arrangements in late july, until mid/late august, so that should be nice, but it's definitely frustrating. this economy is rough.

in other news, i've been keeping a calendar and a pocket schedule updated, and it's been helping me a lot. i'm less forgetful when i have these things written down. it helps to have constant reminders. i'd recommend giving calendars a try, etc.

also, my friends and i have started planning for a label we hope to build. james has the website looking great. that's here. lots is being updated and set up. well done, james. seriously.

i've begun recording at my brother's again (where i recorded a.w.feldt's first e.p.), and things are sounding pretty splendid. i'll let you know info as things happen. cool!

take care.


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