Tuesday, March 17, 2009

summer tour plans

dear hendrick,
long time. i'm currently planning a tour for the summer (or when school gets out) and have some dates lined up.

may 9 (saturday)8pm - the flying m - nampa, idaho
may 11 (monday) 7pm - new crompton - seattle, washington
may 12 (tues) 7pm - the artistery (hopefully) - portland, oregon
may 14 (thurs) 10pm - 5,4,3,2,fun! radio - santa barbara, california
may 21 (thurs) 8pm - luigi's fungarden - sacramento, california
june 1 (monday) 8pm - super happy funland - houston, texas
june 3 (wed) 8pm - the dusty bookshelf - manhattan, kansas
june 4 (thurs) 8pm - somewhere in - lawrence, kansas
june 9 (tues) 12pm - daytrotter (hopefully) - rock island, illinois

that's where we're at so far. i've been booking for a week or more, and hopefully things will come together for a whole u.s. tour. we'll see, though. maybe we'll see you. take care.

i have an (free) e.p. here

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