Saturday, June 13, 2009

tour accomplished. tango down

dear hendrick,
i'm back in pocatello. it was a great tour. a lot had changed since the initial planning of things. here's what ended up happening/how the tour panned out:

the first part of tour, my friend kyle, of the pewter dragons, played drums for a.w.feldt.

may 9th - the flying m - nampa, idaho
w/ spondee and BOOMSNAKE

may 10th - drive to seattle/mother's day dinner
with kyle

may 11th - new crompton - seattle, washington
w/ knapsack superlative and 1985. andy and jon got shirts!

may 12th - the artistery - portland, or
w/ upsidedown cat, metal, and kelli schaefer

may 13th - boy scout hideout - modesto, ca
w/ boyscouts and jonathan seranana

may 14th - 5,4,3,2, fun! radio - santa barbara, ca
w/ mycroft holmes. josh is the host. podcast of the show can be found here. we stayed with josh's sister, rebecca of watercolor paintings. they were very kind, and it was a great visit. rebecca gave me a vinyl 7" of one of watercolor paintings' releases, but it melted in the trunk of the car. totally sucked, but i'm glad i listened to it before we left. the stay was so great. thanks josh, rebecca, and friends.

may 15th - evocal - costa mesa, ca
w/ drums and color, tempe terra, artichoke heart souffle, the rye douglas band

may 16th - the gypsy den - santa ana, ca

may 17-19th - drove to/bummed around las vegas, booking our show for the 23rd and staying at the wonderful frank residence.

may 20th - the woodshed - salt lake city, ut
w/ asher in the rye

may 21st - luigi's fungarden - sacramento, ca
w/ sasha and the shamrocks and tender red

may 22nd - brainwash - san francisco, ca
w/ the beehive spirit

we then drive to las vegas through the night/hang out with the franks again.

may 23rd - zia records - las vegas
(kyle leaves for home.andy plays drums. james of warbonnet, and his lovely wife lindsey join us this night from pocatello, and play drums and percussion/sing back ups for the remainder of the tour. they document here.)

may 24th - church and temple visit/dinner with the franks

may 25th - copper star coffee shop - phoenix, az
w/ the black jacket and snail quail

may 26th - the bean - las cruces, nm

may 27th - opening bell coffee - dallas, tx

may 28th - cafe mundi - austin, tx
we stayed with tera and christian s (and their kids) for the next 2 nights.

may 29th - flipnotics and satellite cafe - austin, tx
w/ beaver nelson and melvern taylor and his fabulous meltones
beaver let me play his guitar for a song on his set after we finished ours. thanks beaver! he also gave us his whole discography. so good.

may 30-31st - hang out at our friends' in austin and play videogames. i got addicted to zelda again. during a practice, i broke a tuning peg off. we then drove to visit with my aunt and uncle (and my cousins) in houston. my aunt took us out and showed us around, also taking us to buy parts to fix my guitar.

june 1st - super happy funland - houston, tx
w/ the lovable old james, and harptallica

june 2nd - coffee slingers - oklahoma city
we showed up too late for this one because we had no internet and couldn't get directions/info/lost written info. sorry coffee slingers. thanks for the show, though.

june 3rd - the ghost parlor - manhattan, ks

june 4th - daycare show - manhattan, ks
we then set off for new york to play...

june 7th - hillstock - brooklyn, ny
w/ Good Night & Good Morning, Twin Cats, Drew and the Medicinal Pen, Vultures, Hanz Bronze, Peace, Loving, Cabinet of Natural Curiosities, Elizabeth Butters, Those Galloping Hordes, Tiny Tornadoes, ACLU Benefit, Laura Stevenson & The Cans, Emilyn Brodsky, Phoebe Kreutz, Don Lennon, and Archipelago

it was a great event. we hung out, ate bbq, cupcakes, sandwiches, and got sunburn! a.w.feldt showed up in some pictures of the event soon after. those are right here.

hillstock was our last show of the tour, and then we stopped in chicago for a bit and visited with lindsey's sister. chicago was great. thanks kelsey!

in other news, tyler t. williams, a somewhat local filmmaker living in boise made this video, using an a.w.feldt song for the intro.

soon, i'll be in seattle working, and playing a few shows. recording will also ensue, and we'll be starting a sort of label for various releases. that'll be right here. more info soon.

we hope you're well.


jasmine dreame wagner said...

It was great seeing you again and hearing your songs at Hillstock! Come back to Brooklyn soon... we're back here now, no more Missoula. Take care, xoJasmine

a.w. said...

jasmine! your new stuff sounded great. i'd love to come back to brooklyn. we had such a great time there. maybe you'd like to play together again? i think that'd be great.