Wednesday, September 10, 2008


dear hendrick,
i was thinking today about the bands we, as a.w.feldt have played with. it's been an incredible blessing to have played with these folks. brent has been a wonderful friend, and has helped me so so much.

here is a list:

-the awful truth
-the pharmacy
-chris koza
-conservative dad
-band of annuals
-drew danburry
-french quarter/stephen steinbrink
-billy mack collector
-the bossettes
-viking moses
-asher in the rye
-finn riggins
-ashley and eli (eriksson and moore)
-the future of the ghost
-cabinet of natural curiosities
-blanket truth
-the knapsack superlative
-julia mecham
-destroy nate allen
-world history
-nyr lif
-the greyhouse effect
-dane ueland
-mal blum
-the happy prince
and more to come...

i look forward to meeting new people, and the exchanges that will occur at those times.
i move to pennsylvania in less than a week. i am very excited.


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