Tuesday, September 9, 2008

a letter

dear hendrick,
i shall write about my musical endeavors here in this place. much excitement met me when the 'i hope you know what you're doing' e.p. went up for sale on several online distribution centers. it may now be found on itunes, amazon dot com, emusic, and soon others as well.

i am at work on a new e.p. called 'why i can't live here permanently'. my friend imri has done up some cover artwork for it, and we have printed several of those. now, the artwork needs a product to accompany. soon, dearly beloved. soon.

i am also working on a new project called 'hey, boat' with my dear connie. we have one song up on myspace, and more to be made. connie has a project called the bossettes. she puts on a great live show. her lyrics are fun. clever. she makes me swoon...

this is all for now. take care.


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