Monday, October 20, 2008

it has certainly been a great while

dear hendrick,
i played a set at the lyons' den again, an hour or more. i'm excited to be able to play longer sets. i'm thinking about doing shows somewhat regularly at the first nash, and portneuf brewery. we'll see, though. i've figured out how to play queens' "don't stop me now" and several others for the drunkies who like the hits. i only play songs i like, though. don't worry.

trying to figure out what i want to do for a living is proving to be very tricky. so many companies/people won't waste one opportunity to take advantage of one's pocket book or needs. i don't like it. we need more honesty and concern for our wellbeing.

brent has been working on a full-length and he sent me the tracks. it's sounding great. it's a huge step up for him. some truly great music. i will actually be covering one of his songs for some folks at gate city swill and am quite excited about it. more later.
take care.

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