Sunday, November 9, 2008

bear in mind

dear hendrick,
i just bought a shirt this week with a bear on it. it's my new favorite. it also has native american markings on it. there's one that looks like a child's drawing of a dog with huge teeth. yes, please. i've been going thrifting with my lady and her mum this weekend. it's been a whole lot of fun. i have a nice warm coat. i have the most comfortable shoes i've ever owned (to my recollection). i have a nice, warm sweatshirt. i have a warm blanket, green military wool. i have joy.

the other night, i was able to play with a group called bang bang eche. because i was playing a set with a dance/rock band, i decided to do some sorts of casio drum beats, and it went over really well. i am currently working on recordings using these beats, and hope to be able to post an ep on cllct soon.

it has recently been determined that i will be moving back to pocatello for the spring semester of 2009. i look forward to this, but also dread leaving connie in pa. i have a place lined up for this summer, and am currently working on a tour of the u.s. and montreal, quebec area.

recently, my friend james put together some artwork for a full-length that i've been trying to work out. he has done a wonderful job. you may see a piece of the artwork here as the profile picture. enjoy.

things are continually looking up for a.w.feldt.

thank you.


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