Saturday, September 5, 2009

september already?? it has been.

dear hendrick,
i have started making track lists for potential LPs. so far, i have 3 lists started, 2 LPs, and an EP. the artwork for the first LP has been near completion for months and months. james (of the haunted fortress) put it together, and for awhile, i was using a part of it as my profile picture on myspace. do people still use myspace? it seems like i get scoffed at when i am seen typing my password or accessing its pages... it's a nice tool, and until i get things going somewhere else (a place that is as, if not more widely used) i will continue to dodge those sharp dagger glances...

moving to portland has been great. i love my apartment, love the town, love the people, and the produce. just a nice place. looking for a job now.

i'm getting a few things together to start printing shirts. i found out that i might have some great connections that will make it much easier to make it happen.

i just started a twitter account, and i'm going to be looking into a website. i might look into web design. it could be very useful.

also, we just had an in depth conversation about food storage. you might look into it. apparently, we're looking at some big trouble here soon. but i dunno.


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