Monday, August 3, 2009

recording/portland, or/love

dear hendrick,
recording has been going well. i've been doing a lot of writing. i've got my banjo fingers on, and my drum sticks out.

i've been working a job for a week, as a coordinator for a group of japanese students. i drive them on field trips and herd them onto buses. i've earned over $400 this week, and it feels great. three weeks left. and seven days until a very special girl (hopefully) arrives safely back in portland/beaverton, oregon. she's such a lovely girl who makes me wonderfully happy. i am in love. this means i am %85 sure i will be relocating to the portland/beaverton area in the next month or so. i don't know how long i will be living there, but i can't stand to be this far north from where she is. driving to portland would get quite exhausting if it became a regular thing.

new music soon.

take care, friend.


p.s. go here. she does wonderful things.


Kyle said...

that's grrrreat. schucks... miss you buddy ol' pal!

a.w. said...

kyle, i miss you. sure do. really.